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Challenge #02737-G180: Learning the Hard Way

A telepath reads a human mind. They were almost overwhelmed while reading this: -- Anon Guest

Human contact is not for the uninitiated, especially when one is a Melil. Their species is one of the few that developed natural telepathy. It was something of a shock to all that their gift could be used to read the thoughts of other species.

That said, other species do not have the mental capacity of silencing their unbidden thoughts like the Melil can, and asking them to do so is worse than counterproductive. Worse so with Humans. Imagine being the poor Melil who encountered the very first Human.

Now imagine being a Melil teen who decided that the new restrictions were too restrictive and struck out on hir own for the Edge Territories to learn for themselves about the dangerous new cogniscent life form eking out an existence there. Which is exactly what Beni was doing.

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Challenge #02679-G122: Wonder No More

Have you ever walk past someone and wonder what is going on inside their head -- Anon Guest

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Every now and again, some species, somewhere, thinks it would be cool to be telepathic. The Melil, natural telepaths, do attempt to stop others from doing this to themselves because it really, really isn't a good idea.

Those without natural telepathy have no reason to filter their random thoughts.

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Challenge #02645-G088: Getting to Know You

“Try not to read my my mind, I am running five jokes in my head, that will possibly offend you and make you laugh. Another part of my head is accidentally reminiscing about college and now internally screaming. My lizard brain want food. And the rest is upholding this conversation.”

“First off, how did you block my mind scan, and secondly - lizard brain?”

“Oh a part of the human brain can be traced back to a reptilian ancestor thus it is

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Challenge #02428-F238: Resistance Training

being a telepath isn't easy. Being an apprentice one even less. That's why all apprentice telepath first learn and practice on their teachers, then on volunteer from mind reading friendly species, practising the basics, be it reading someone's mind, communicating basically and making the whole thing as less uncomfortable as possible.

The first true "test" is to go and listen as long as possible to a small group of humans passing by the main hall. Officially it's to make sure the basic

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Challenge #01972-E148: Secret Curse

Earworms, those inane or catchy little tunes that play endlessly inside your head. Good defence against telepaths though. -- Anon Guest

If there was a worse curse you could give to a human, Rache couldn't imagine one much worse than telepathy. Sure, people could look past ugly. They could ignore venomously mean and frequently did. They could, eventually, believe that disabled didn't necessarily mean worthless. But telepathy? That was a living hell.

Human minds are chaos. There's conscious thought, subconscious thought, and

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