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Sunday, Sleeplessness Sillies

Beloved and I went out anyway. Because Kitten D'amour was releasing new clothes.

Beloved has new business outfit. I have a new witchy outfit. LOL.

I also fell pretty fast asleep after that nonsense and THAT was why I was awake at fuckoff-AM unable to rest at all.

On the plus side, I did get a lot of a chapter written. On the minus side, it wasn't for the book I was trying to write for pro reasons.


I am going to be spending my waking hours in tooling around with nonsense. I'm up to furnishing the slab now that I've finished making the dang map. Adding mobs and scenery bits according to the number key. Huzzah.

When I get sick of doing that, I may tool around in other games.

Or depending on the hour, I may go to bed.

We shall see.

Average, ordinary, everyday... disorder

So here's how things are going for me...

  • Shitty time getting to sleep, because:
  • Anxiety over the book being accepted
  • Anxiety over the animation/animatic I'm planning
  • Anxiety over whether or not the finished thing will get me hated and exiled over the fandom because someone thinks I want to make money about the thing
  • I have a tablet glove on the way and NOT being tracked by the Australian postal system
  • I have a neat fan-comic on the way that has
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It's 2:40 AM

I woke up at 1:25.

Tried EVERYTHING to get myself back to sleep. Took a different sleep-aid. Did some meditation. Tried to focus on spreading the need to rest throughout my entire body.


This time, It was heat.

Winter get’s down into the low teens [celcius] here and I do NOT like the cold. Therefore, we have a nice down quilt to keep us warm, my beloved and I.

Alas, long about the wee small hours of the

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