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Sunday, Snuggles and Stuff

I re-ordered my schedule to spend more time with my lovely and...

She woke me up at midnight and kept making enough noise to keep me intermittently awake until I had to get up at 4AM. Thanks, love. I really didn't need that.

Plus, when I purposely gave off from everything else just to spend time with her in the morning... she was asleep. -_-

Ah well. Plenty of snuggle time on a rainy morning.

I'm about to do my daily tale and the starting sentence stuff. I already did the meme. No telling when I will be able to fit in anything else.

Probably later tonight.

Let's get going.

Sunday, Sleeplessness Sillies

Beloved and I went out anyway. Because Kitten D'amour was releasing new clothes.

Beloved has new business outfit. I have a new witchy outfit. LOL.

I also fell pretty fast asleep after that nonsense and THAT was why I was awake at fuckoff-AM unable to rest at all.

On the plus side, I did get a lot of a chapter written. On the minus side, it wasn't for the book I was trying to write for pro reasons.


I am going

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Average, ordinary, everyday... disorder

So here's how things are going for me...

  • Shitty time getting to sleep, because:
  • Anxiety over the book being accepted
  • Anxiety over the animation/animatic I'm planning
  • Anxiety over whether or not the finished thing will get me hated and exiled over the fandom because someone thinks I want to make money about the thing
  • I have a tablet glove on the way and NOT being tracked by the Australian postal system
  • I have a neat fan-comic on the way that has
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It's 2:40 AM

I woke up at 1:25.

Tried EVERYTHING to get myself back to sleep. Took a different sleep-aid. Did some meditation. Tried to focus on spreading the need to rest throughout my entire body.


This time, It was heat.

Winter get’s down into the low teens [celcius] here and I do NOT like the cold. Therefore, we have a nice down quilt to keep us warm, my beloved and I.

Alas, long about the wee small hours of the

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