Ships' Humans

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Challenge #03796-J143: All the Comfort You're Worth

The human keeps falling asleep at their work station. But why? -- Anon Guest

It had happened again. Human Yu was sitting at hir station, eyes gently closed, but otherwise stable in hir seat. Hir head was slowly tilting forwards and down and ze would soon jolt awake with a snort.

The crew of the Phlogiston knew that Rescue Humans had their issues, but this was one the Alliance hadn't encountered before.

Therefore, it was greatly concerning.

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Challenge #03687-J034: Mutually Assured Devotion

"You need to stop and get some sleep!"

"Aw, just one more page?"

"We have work in the morning."

The human grumbled, put the book away, sighed, and fell asleep almost as soon as their head hit the pillows.

"Silly, sweet human, you look after us, and we look after you." -- Anon Guest

Humans, though they may deny it, need their Companions. Humans are rough around the edges, tough against many opposing forces, and many have a gruff demeanour. This is

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Challenge #03343-I055: For Peace of Mind

Please show us a human in Alliance space that does regular yoga to handle severe anxiety. -- Anon Guest

Human Juel was in the midst of their Pretzeling. Twisting her body around in seemingly awkward combinations and breathing in a slow and deliberate manner. Companion Mitr was still trying to comprehend the exercise.

The mat was necessary to protect her body from the harder flooring. That was clear. As to the why of turning the body into knots, it had to be

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