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Challenge #03804-J152: Up For the Challenge?

Some giggling individuals who've eaten them plenty of times before, challenges Wraithvine to the equivalent of the Deathnut challenge. -- Anon Guest

[AN: I thought this was a thing I wrote about for a hot minute. You can imagine me frantically searching my archives for the thing. Anyway. Death Nuts are a brand of snack that include injurious amounts of capsaicin]

Allowing oneself to experience new things comes with its own risks. Since Wraithvine was gifted an eternal existence, ze was willing to try more than the average intelligent being.

This particular example was presented with a wicked smirk from the Hellkin vendor. "Fresh from the wilds of Machagali." It looked like some colourful fruit in the shape of a Dragon's claw.

Wraithvine knew damn well that Machagali wasn't as wild as most would like to believe. Many of the reptile-folk settlements were cleaner than the "peak of civilisation" that the mammalian life made. "Oh I saw these the last time I went through. Never tried them, alas. It's good to see them again."

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Challenge #02898-G341: A Steep Ask

“Although I don’t use many of my fighting skills anymore I do use some,” the human chuckled. “Some?” My questions was almost immediately answered as the human disappeared right in front of me and appeared behind me. -- Anon Guest

[AN: I have been reminded of Human Twii but this could be quite a number of Humans in my pet universe. I might think up a new one. Let's see]

Legends of Humans reach the places that Humans have not yet

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