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Challenge #03680-J027: Come Relax by the Volcanoes

Humans build a wonderful resort station where the main attractions are a large assortment of hot spring baths and plenty of food. -- Anon Guest

Only Humans could look at a planet that was, essentially, a bubbling cauldera on every continent and say, "This is the best place to build a resort!"

This is just one among many reasons why the Alliance believes that the Humans are insane.

That said, Humanity also loves an engineering challenge. A planet ripe for geothermal energy is one thing. A planet with hot mineral water effectively on tap is a boon for those who like that sort of thing. It's one among many Human-run installations with volcano-powered freezers.

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Challenge #03442-I154: By Invitation Only

"Move to the Tropics?! Are you suicidal?"

"No, I just found a way to be me..."

Inspired by this post. link text -- AmberFox

[AN: Coconut water makes an excellent blood plasma replacement (and sports drink) but not total blood replacement. If you want vegan vampires, you're going to have to add Vegan Haeme(tm) which is a thing that now exists because UnMeat does. I'm a writer, I research things for fun]

Little-known fact: Well-fed vampires have no problem with sunshine.

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