Merry Birthmas

A 4-post collection

Saturday, Parkrun and Celebrations

Beloved is another year older this very day, and we are going to see Spamalot this afternoon as part of the festivities.

Which leaves me very few hours to get my offerings out there and to get organised for the outing.

I still have no idea as to whether I shall be able to do the VTRRPG stream or the story stream tomorrow. Time, and my personal battery levels, will tell.

I'm already pretty washed out from the heat of parkrun this morning, so I have my doubts about the streams.

Anyway. Best to get the offerings out before I worry about anything else. Let's go commit literature.

Wednesday, Patreon, Birthday, and Shopping

I has moneys! I have to restock the house! I have a Bifdy party for my good self including the whole fam.

I am taking the kids to Outback and meeting Beloved and Adorable there for indulgent meal plus cake.

This afternoon, I take Mayhem shopping for groceries. So this morning, I focus on the offerings. Yay.

Good news with Stencyl, I got the enemy ships to move. Bad news, they're moving down the screen instead of left or right.

I'll have

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Finally got things up and running thanks to Beloved (bless you love). Hooray!

With good luck and good time, I might get an improvement on the instructions I use to get things back up if this happens again. Fingers crossed on that count.

I'm recording things, I've cleaned the catio, I've created and consumed The Bikkie. AAANNNND it's Mayhem's birthmas.

Happy birthday, kiddo. You got six months to start Adulting before you're effectively forced to do it.

After all, we have PLNs

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Sunday, Day 0, Chaos' Birthmas

One new case, an import. Thirteen total cases, and twelve in the hospital. Still double figures, but smaller double figures than the previous normal. Miss Chaos is sweet sixteen and yet to find someone to love. Let her take her time.

She's already got new clothes of her own choosing, a fresh haircut, a money card[birthday card with cash inside], and a cake awaiting consumption. It's going to be a relatively quiet celebration.

In the news:

  • China's landed a probe on
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