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Challenge #02001-E177: Ghosts... In... Space!

Alien crew spots ghost ship (not the derelict/abandoned kind, more like the ship itself is one of the ghosts) -- TheDragonsflame

In an infinite universe, all things are possible. The nature of time and events therein is cyclical. Of those tautologies, spaceport stories are made. This one just happens to come with documentation.

They were light years from civilisation, of course and without an accurate means of contacting anyone, of course. Because nothing interesting happens in the middle of civilisation with access to a rapid response team. They were supposed to be charting EM frequencies from a peculiar star when it turned up.

"It's... it's," Flaxxyn fumbled for a definition that could be verified with sensors and failed. "It's green." And it was. It was also an ancient seafaring vessel from the days of sail and entirely see-through. It was staffed by a literal skeleton crew. Steered by a skeleton in a fancier hat and an impressive beard, despite the fact that there was no skin for it to remain there.

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Challenge #01832-E008: Rightwise Born... er... Monarch?

"Whomsoever shall pull this sword from the stone is rightwise born King of England."

"Oh! Lookie! I've pulled it out," she said. -- Anon Guest

She was short. She had the sort of chubbiness born of years of feast and famine, with the body deciding to set up ample stores in case of famine. And she was clearly a scullery maid in the entourage of one amongst the many knights, ne'er-do-wells, and nonesuch that had gathered to try their luck.

The maester

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