Happy New Year

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Happy New Year!

Beloved has their Tesla and it is a pretty awesome car. I am still waiting through all of January for a response to my sending out of Adapting to potential agents/publishers according to what I can find on #MSWL.

Australia has rung in the new year in the traditional way - by attempting to blow up the Sydney Harbour Bridge with fireworks. This despite numerous warnings that most of Sydney could catch fire as a direct result.

Honestly, I am surprised to NOT find headlines about Sydney being on fire and the Australian Government who decided this was a good idea being shocked about this surprising turn of events.

ScoMo's still on Australia's shit list for fucking off to Hawaii whilst New South Wales burned and I do not hold out high hopes for the Liberals this next election season. For those viewing in the US, the Liberal party is like the worst bunch of right-wingers ever conceived by the nightmares of pre-ghost-encounter Ebenezer Scrooge.

It's like the Hawaii thing happened and the screen got a caption that said, Australia will remember this, in an ominous font.

We are headed down to Scenic Coominya to show off the Tesla and have some family together time. So I shall attempt to focus on today's story.

Le Resolutions:

  • Attempt to finish SESP, possibly via livestreaming my work on it
  • Continue writing
  • Get back to arting

I'm'a keep it to three. I can't make resolutions that depend on the actions and decisions of others to happen. For example: I can't sell Adapting if nofucker will buy it. Anyways. I have delayed enough.

Onwards to making some fiction.

Happy New Year!

This is it, friendos. My PLN today starts with early-morning, last-minute shit only slightly complicated by the fact that my Tumblr has been followed by two porn bots in as many days.

I really should make that 'safety poster' over again but nah. I have packing to do. I gotta pack my technoscrattle, load up the car, and take a long-arse journey to Tullagawoopwoop so I can share time with a friend.

It's probably a good thing I'm taking a breather from

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At the Closing of the Year

I'm not exactly sure how it happened, but I'm going to be four days behind being in sync with this year for my Year of Instants. Four double prompts should take care of that. Hint, hint, cough, cough.

If I get more than that, I'll be prepared for the next time something fucks up and prevents me from doing my thing.

The new years' resolutions are more or less the same:

  • Keep writing
  • Finish what I started

That's pretty much it. Simple

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2013: My roundup (FWIW)

Okay, so 2013.

  • I made a resolution that I fucking KEPT for all but one day of the year, and that one’s excusable. (Holy shit!)

  • I wrote 180 000+ words for a trilogy

  • I also wrote 160 000+ words for another book in the same amount of time

  • Which means, if I suddenly decide to quit writing my instant stories [Not bloody likely. Relax, folks!] I can write well over 300K in the space of a year

  • I’ve

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Happy new year!

Here on the east coast of Australia, it’s been 2012 for five hours and forty-five minutes. So far, it’s all going fine.

I slept through new years’ for the first time since I was a little one and I’m wondering if it’s because I’m old.

Though I was woken up by the sound of the neighbourhood’s illegal fireworks going off, and Chaos’ screaming when it was all over.

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