Fuck I Hate Myself

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Chedule change, wheeee

Today is a cleaning day. Because something went agley, I have no doubt.

I managed to cook up a very nice soup that got firkin vaccuumed up by the little darlings. And now I must ponder what to do for dinner tonight. That's cheap. And easy.

Because my sleep issues continueth.

I woke up at somewhere near midnight despite having some soothing tea and white noise on. Fitful sleep from there until long about five in the AM.

I am going to scour the house for any leftover sleep aid herbal supplements. Maybe if I take some St. John's Wort with that tea, I might actually sleep until some rational number in the AM.

I hate being this tired and strung out.

Caffeine does me no favours during the day because anxiety and caffeine don't mix very well. And because of the sleep issues, I need caffeine to survive on the roads.


And now it's time to watch for Chaos' bus.

I fail at human

My brain, as Thomas Dolby once sang, is like a sieve. I don't intend to forget things? But... it happens.

And when one of those things is as simple as checking my email as part of the process that makes sure my mother is still okay... I really fail at human.

Aliens, come take me away, because I am very obviously not of this world.

I'm at the stage where I have to scribe reminders on the back of my hand or

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