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Wednesday: Leyland's Tour Electric Boogaloo

I'm doing a tech support run-around for MeMum today, and to add complications, this was one of those days where I've had...

Fucking Sleep Issues(tm)!

Yep. Came over all tired from shenanigans yesterday [my main compy is officially unfucked now yay] and went to bed super early.

Which means I achieved consciousness in the wee small hours of this morning. On one hand - more hours to do my stretchies. On the other... I'm guaranteed to want an early night tonight.


I want to be CAFFEINATED today.

This morning was slightly disturbed by the news that Mayhem was doing APM today. He'd already rescheduled once because he was scheduled on the same day as my shrink appointment, so this is the second time that he's synced up with my other plans.

24 hours notice, thanks Buddy.

As with always when I have plans in meatspace, I shall make my best efforts to have my things out today, but if I fail, it's a twofer tomorrow.


Now I need to get dressed and torment my feet.

Sunday, Bread and Movie PLNs

We're going to see Dune 2 later today. But not before I get my offerings out there and my second loaf baked.

I have also discovered that my two scales give different measurements. Which is irritating to me in ways I can't articulate in a mere handful of words.

Expect a blog rant about it at my earliest convenience.

Speaking of rant blogs, I might be self-hosting my Wordpress archive here on my hub site. There shall be branch and I will

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Saturday, Parkrun, Dune, and PLNs for Tomorrow

Did the parkrun pretty well. Then I got the announcement that we're watching Dune 2 tomorrow. Which means I had to watch Dune 1. Which, because time windows, meant watching a copy we just happened to have at Adorable's place.

And that's why I'm writing this blog at 3PM.

I have to bake my bread, but there's not enough time in the rest of today to do two loaves. Because preheating and proofing time.

I'm keeping half the dough refrigerated and sincerely

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Saturday, No Parkrun, But...

I have Beloved with me and a relaxed attitude towards carbs until she goes back to Adorable on Monday morning.

I shall be making my offerings and doing my weird things and henceforth being absent from the interwebs so I can share airspace with her.

There will be the D&D stream tomorrow morning and -for me- a lot of lazing around and intermittent work on anything of significance.

Since I'm excited about A Devil's Tale again, that means I shall

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