Saturday, Parkrun, Dune, and PLNs for Tomorrow

Did the parkrun pretty well. Then I got the announcement that we're watching Dune 2 tomorrow. Which means I had to watch Dune 1. Which, because time windows, meant watching a copy we just happened to have at Adorable's place.

And that's why I'm writing this blog at 3PM.

I have to bake my bread, but there's not enough time in the rest of today to do two loaves. Because preheating and proofing time.

I'm keeping half the dough refrigerated and sincerely hoping for the best. One loaf today, another tomorrow morning. When we go to the movies, I should have everything done and dusted, bread-wise.

Fingers crossed.

I shall get on with my offerings now while the bread is proofing.

Let's go.