Family Reunion

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Challenge #04105-K087: Family Fireside

Young Vindication, now almost a grown adult speaks to his friends of when he first met his older brothers. His mother who sat with them, adding in bits and pieces as they all sit around a fire enjoying a peaceful family camping trip. -- Anon Guest

With a family name like Merrimine, there's a reputation. The young Viceroy had grown up steeped in it. He had to keep it, alas, since the name also came with a lot of official documents including holdings and rights and responsibilities.

All things considered, it was pure luck that Vindication Merrimine grew to be such a well-rounded young man. One, additionally, free from the prejudices of the man who sired him. It helped that one of his older brothers was a Hellkin. It really helped that many of his half-siblings were also heroes working in the realm.

When Loyalty took the crown instead of Jubilation, he was the first to attest to his brother's ability to rule fairly. As the icon of the former revolution, Vindication knew that people would listen to him.

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Challenge #03248-H339: Bene Memorium

They were the grandchild of a family that had been raised by Wraithvine, though mother still called Wraithvine "grandfather" when she spoke of the elf, and set out to meet the elusive mage. They used scrying, with a polite message of who they were and that they was seeking to ask Wraithvine to visit sometime and join the family who was preparing for the fall harvest festival. -- Anon Guest

Lyssa was almost at the age when adventuring could be allowed, but

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