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Challenge #01571-D110: Lost With a Blue Box

:When summing up recent events:

The tree does seem to be suspiciously friendly and sane for an ancient being or ancient artefact, let alone both in one. Even the only other vaguely sane ancient being, the balloon-jellyfish godling, wasn't this friendly until she was punched in the face a few times and given a pretty good Shut Up, Hannibal speech by a sapient brain tumor, and she doesn't seem to have been nearly as old.

...that was a weird sentence. -- RecklessPrudence

It wasn't every day that a companion went and rescued herself. And it was even less often that they turned up with allies. The Doctor looked over the motley crew. There was a brain in a tank/mecha body that seemed to be completely taken over by a tumour, a gigantic tree with a face, and a floating thing that looked like the unlikely progeny of a jellyfish and a dirigible.

"Well done, Holly," said the Doctor. "I know I warned you about wandering off, so... how...?" he circled a finger at the general assembly. "This station is millions of years old. None of them should be alive."

The tree creaked something that could have been words, but it seemed wont to hold Holly like some kind of treasured doll.

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Challenge #01489-D028: One Hazy Mid-afternoon in an East Sussex Hospital Ward

"She has amnesia,"

"Thank god!"


"...I-I said, THAT'S TERRIBLE! " -- OohLookShiny

Nurse Blakely wasn't fooled for an instant. She had seen what had happened to Miss Doe. Helped patch up the damage. "You sound like you know how September Doe got her injuries, Mr..." she checked her notes, "Smith."

"First, her name is Holly Buckley. Second, it's my job to keep her safe. Third... I really failed this time. And it involved some werewolves. Well. Three werewolves, a volcano, and a

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Challenge #01450-C355: To Save the World

"I picked you up, even when you were covered in slime after he spat you out! You were technically vomit, and you were still the most beautiful thing I'd ever laid eyes on!" -- Anon Guest

"It's a good thing you told me about the uvula," she allowed, "but... a thing? Really?"

"Only by base technicality, dear," cooed Blasingstoke. "You are a machine."

Miss Cliq sighed at him. "Fine. You get away with it for now. No more objectifying cogniscents."

"Yes dear,

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Challenge #01418-C323: The Button

"You should have told me what that button did."

"You shouldn't have pressed it!"

"I wouldn't have pressed it if i knew what it did!" -- OohLookShiny

"Just. Why?" said Holly.

"It was big and red and said don't touch on it," said the Doctor. "You can't understand what a raw temptation that is."

"Maybe there was a reason it was like that," argued Holly. "You don't touch big red buttons that tell you not to touch them."

"You don't touch big

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Challenge #01409-C314: Whoops

I've always wondered what would happen if early version of Clark Kent dived into the wrong phone box. Namely that blue Police Call Box. -- Knitnan

London. The birthplace of the Western civilisation. It was more like a tourist spot that people lived in, now, but that didn't really matter. Clark was supposed to be covering some major deal where the royal family weighed in on an international trade partnership. He was to get as many exclusive photos as he could.


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Challenge #01407-C312: When I Say 'Run'...

"Run!" -- Knitnan

She'd seen him coming and started before he finished saying the word. It was a good run. Ground-eating and fast without being tiring. And, he felt, keeping pace with him because she was polite.

"Most people ask why," said the Doctor.

"If you're running, there's always a good reason," she said. "Teri Grace, Special Advisor to UNIT."

Ah. Yes. Well, that explained everything. "And you're here because?"

"There are other units monitoring the Coal Hill and Cardiff anomalies. I'm

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Challenge #01385-C290: Sys iPhus

"I'm sorry, I can't... I'm broken,"

"Is that what they told you?" -- OohLookShiny

The Doctor skidded to a halt in yet another room in the complex. There, a vaguely cylindrical robot went in a circuitous path, repeatedly fixing things that, ultimately, caused everything to return to its original state.

"Sysiphus," he muttered.

Holly stopped, too, almost blundering into him. She took in the scene and said, "Excuse me?"

The robot paused. "I cannot aid you. I am... broken. I must... fix.

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Challenge #01381-C286: Hell's Rowdy Neighbour

Here in Aussie high school students celebrate end of 12 years education by one week called "Schoolies" often followed by hangovers, regrets, and long explanations to parents. The Media have a field day. -- Anon Guest

The music was so loud that it was incomprehensible. The crowds were so thick that movement was next to impossible. Most of the people present weren't wearing very much at all. The air was thick with a miasma of alcohol, hormones, and a not-so-subtle tincture of

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Challenge #01284-C189: Bright Spark

"When in doubt?"

"Fire!" -- OohLookShiny

[AN: Welcome to the madness. Please put your best URL here so I can link to you in future :D]

Of all the people in the universe who the Doctor despised, it was the people who had one solution for everything. Some, though, could learn from experience and not instinctively react with five rounds rapid. That was one of the reasons he loved the Brigadeer. Even though five rounds rapid was his default stance.

And then

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Challenge #01279-C184: Ambassador Murder-bot

Okay, so I still don't have a new computer after my last one decided to up and die, but I do have a loaner, and my hard drives in external caddies, so I can start prompting again.

[Person #1]: You just had to piss off the giant murderbot, didn't you?

[Person #2, aka 'Giant Murderbot']: "HEY! I've tried very hard NOT to kill anyone, thank-you!" -- RecklessPrudence

[AN: Great to have you back!]

The Doctor believed in giving people second chances. And

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Challenge #01264-C169: Magic, and Dragons, and Watchmen -- Oh My!


The Doctor gets blipped to Ankh-Morpork. You must include all three of the title refs in the story. -- Anon Guest

Sam Vimes didn't trust the things that people normally thought of as trustworthy. He knew damn well that Von Lipwig, up at the Post Office, was a liar and a thief. But he had an honest face and a ready smile and a firm handshake... because that was what people trusted.

And then there was this fellow. He dressed like

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Challenge #01232-C137: A Strange Visitor

"What could be worse than a sixty Minutes News van waiting on the footpath?"

"How about a large Blue box, and people are taking selfies." -- Anon Guest

Carol looked out the other window in her tiny flat. The view was blurry, because it was the bathroom window, but there was, indeed, a familiar shape in the street. Either the BBC had deigned to acknowledge Australia as a filming location... or someone was playing silly buggers.

She texted the other top five

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Challenge #01203-C108: In-a Museum, With-a Doctor, While-a Crisis Unfolds

When will people learn that the only good Cyberman/Dalek is one that's been totally disembowelled and checked every day? -- Anon Guest

The cavernous space echoed with their footfalls. The exhibits were corpses, or empty armour. Relics of things that destroyed. All within glass cases. All on little plinths. All with informative plaques with information about what they were and where or when they had come from.

The Doctor knew them all.

He added random information to the displays. Telling stories

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Challenge #01025-B293: One Near-Apocalyptic Afternoon in Bloomington, Illinois

The speech known as Abraham Lincoln's "Lost Speech" was given at the Bloomington Convention on May 29, 1856, in Bloomington, Illinois.

The traditional reason given for the lack of any written recollection of the Lost Speech is that Lincoln's skilled and powerful oration had mesmerized every person in attendance. Reporters were said to have laid down their pencils and neglected note taking, as if hypnotized by Lincoln's words. When the speech ended no notes existed, so media reports of the day simply

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Challenge #00979-B248: One Crowded Hour in a BBC Studio

In a tardis with a doctor while a time stream shatters

(Prompt from Triddin.)

"Just a few... crucial repairs," the Doctor emerged from under the ancient console and stared. Peter broke character. "Andy... You're in the next scene."

But it wasn't Andy Linden who spoke. It was William Hartnell. "What the devil is this person doing on the set? He looks like he fell into a donations basket instead of getting dressed. Verity! What's happening?"

A much, much younger Tom Baker strode

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