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Challenge #01585-D124: What if--?

:Upon being told the superhero they're looking at is at some point going to go on a rampage and destroy the world:

"Well, what's your reasoning then? Because I'm having a hard time reconciling the guy currently pulling a kitten out of a tree with the Death Star." -- RecklessPrudence

He'd just extinguished the fire in a burning high-rise, prevented a multi-car pile-up, and was now making cootchie-coo noises at a small kitten that was stuck up a tree. He could have been everyone's hero, except for one small detail.

"Someone needs to lock that thug up before he goes nuclear on us," said someone in the crowd of gawkers. It did not help that they pronounced it 'new-cue-lur'.

What was even more worrying was that there was a lot of subdued murmuring of agreement.

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Challenge #01409-C314: Whoops

I've always wondered what would happen if early version of Clark Kent dived into the wrong phone box. Namely that blue Police Call Box. -- Knitnan

London. The birthplace of the Western civilisation. It was more like a tourist spot that people lived in, now, but that didn't really matter. Clark was supposed to be covering some major deal where the royal family weighed in on an international trade partnership. He was to get as many exclusive photos as he could.


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