Challenge #01407-C312: When I Say 'Run'...

"Run!" -- Knitnan

She'd seen him coming and started before he finished saying the word. It was a good run. Ground-eating and fast without being tiring. And, he felt, keeping pace with him because she was polite.

"Most people ask why," said the Doctor.

"If you're running, there's always a good reason," she said. "Teri Grace, Special Advisor to UNIT."

Ah. Yes. Well, that explained everything. "And you're here because?"

"There are other units monitoring the Coal Hill and Cardiff anomalies. I'm what you might call an Agent Provocateur."


"I look for the weird stuff and assess it."

"Don't suppose you've heard of the Manchapalorians?"

"Can't say I have, sir."

"One of the few races that are naturally tetchy. They've intercepted some Earth broadcasts and have come to complain."

They ducked around a corner just in time to dodge an energy weapon that blew up a rubbish bin.

"With plasma rifles, I see."

"They're very tetchy."

"Any way to talk them down?"

"Haven't been able to think of a way. Too busy running."

"Let me guess. You annoyed them, too?"

"Incredibly tetchy."

Teri turned her coat inside-out and put on a pair of sunglasses, a beret, and a completely useless scarf. She sauntered out towards the Manchapalorians with open arms and a friendly smile. "Darlings that is simply fantastic! You are just what I'm looking for! You simply have to sign on with me..."

The Doctor peeked. "What?" he murmured, watching Teri Grace convince the aliens that she was a television agent in search of some truly amazing talent, which was what the Manchapalorians had in droves, darlings. She got them so distracted about their imminent stardom that they forgot entirely about shooting things.

It was one of the few times that the Doctor felt outclassed. He was going to have to keep an eye out for her.

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