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Challenge #02998-H075: With Great Power...

Power is power; it is pure, cannot be corrupted, intentions can. It is up to the individual whenever or not they use their power to ascend to divinity or fall to hell -- Anon Guest

They say, Power corrupts. They say, Absolute power corrupts absolutely. What they fail to recognise is that those who grasp for power are already corrupt. There is a true difference, indeed, between those who grasp for power and those who have to accept it. It begins with those who have to accept power also knowing what responsibility looks like.

They called her the Bent Queen. A combination of Scoliosis and surviving infantile paralysis[1] left her with a crooked spine and a shrunken leg. Thanks to social pressure, her father the King had prevented her from being seen by the public, by the council of lords, by anyone but a select few devoted to her care.

As a child, Agatha crept into the council meetings, listening in to the voices above the ceiling of wood. Listening to the debates and absorbing wisdom by pure osmosis. Her lessons in history - applied with better supervision - let her predict the patterns. Her lessons in economics made her wonder if the voices above her head had ever paid attention to the same ones. She only ever made one mistake in that atmosphere, reciting the simplest of lessons, "Coin is best for the economy when it's flowing, you dummies. Don't dam it up in your vaults!" Her father the King found her in seconds. Caught her in seconds more.

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Challenge #02996-H073: Fixing the Wrong Problem, Fixed

N-now do you understand? This is... the true form of your Legion’s power. All it can do is... is cause pain... nothing more. ...we have that in common. In this form... e-even if you do survive... In the end... can you... can you... call yourself “human”? -- Anon Guest

[AN: My right wrist decided to have the fail this morning. Joy. I really needed more noise in the way of my goals]

It began with a fallacy. The world would be

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revolutionarykoolaid: No Justice, No Peace (¾/15): The full report of the Department of Justice's investigation into the Ferguson...


No Justice, No Peace (¾/15): The full report of the Department of Justice’s investigation into the Ferguson Police Department has been released and it is nothing short of horrifying. Please take the time to read each screencap above, and if you can stomach more afterwords, read the full report. The above barely scrapes the surface of the indignities Ferguson PD inflicted on the people they were supposed to protect and serve. Ferguson PD is not unique. This is everyday

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DOJ findings on the Ferguson Police Department

DOJ findings on the Ferguson Police Department


by scythemantis

After months of civilian outcry across the country, the United States Department of Justice finally launched a full federal investigation into the activities of the Ferguson police over the past few years, and they've confirmed the worst of what was already obvious to millions of Americans: that minorities were routinely singled out, that charges were designed to be unfair, and that most police activity was solely to generate money.

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matesprit: stevemarmel: Bob McCulloch pointed out a lot of inconsistencies in testimony yesterday.None of these, I...



Bob McCulloch pointed out a lot of inconsistencies in testimony yesterday.

None of these, I think.


There’s actually a lot you need to know about Bob McCulloch that tumblr hasn’t really been on top of.

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