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Challenge #03895-J243: Mnemonics Exist for a Reason

A small child bumps into Jay and Lilicoon. They're lost and ask help to find their parentals. And can they help the child tie their shoes? -- Anon Guest

They had been enjoying a good night out, and it almost time for it to end. They were both dawdling on getting to the 'goodbyes' for the evening. Walking slower. Finding things to mention and have another conversation about it.

"'Scuse me," said a little voice. A very small child. "Are you good grownups? I need he'p wif my shoes, please."

Jay backed away. "I haven't done the course. Lili? You have, right?"

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Challenge #02371-F181: Colour-coded For Inconvenience

"Don't touch that, it's hot."

"It doesn't look hot."

"Hot things are red on Terra." -- Anon Guest

"Uh. Not exactly," said a nearby Human. "Not all red things are hot, and not all hot things are red. For your safety, check for radiant heat," they demonstrated, holding their hand above the surface and gradually approaching touching it until they pulled away. "This one is actually hot. See?"

The tourists huddled together a little. "That is how you test for heat on

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