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Challenge #03509-I221: Big Thoughts in Small Steps

The medics remark on the state of the Havenworlders, and the Human, from rescuing them from an insanely toxic planet. The Havenworlders and the human get a rundown on how much Time their discoveries are going to be making them, once they're well enough, as well as expeditions back to gather those very valuable plants, and oh, by the way, they now OWN that toxic planet and get to name it. Medical science and record books thank you for your contribution. -- Anon Guest

Deathworld Class Four, currently identified as 7I8-DXB-Y56 IV. Though not technically as deadly as Terra, the conditions planetside are nominated toxic to most known life. Known atmospheric allergen content is stable at Seventy-Four percent. Livesuits recommended for all life attempting to interact with the flora, fauna, atmosphere, and weather conditions. No fungal life has been identified yet, but speculation insists that it, too, must be handled with caution.

Estimated value of native-occurring biochemical resources...

Human Kaat stopped reading. It was a number far too large for them to comprehend. So, too, was the denomination indicator. Not Hours. Not Days. Not even Years[1]. It was... a capital D. Kaat kept wanting to see the special lowercase D that denominated Days. It would have been easier to handle.

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Challenge #03474-I186: Deadly Mixology

Never underestimate a person who is cornered, has nothing left to lose, and has access to cleaning supplies. -- Anon Guest

They had done a lot of damage to the ship as it sailed between one place and the other. They had done a lot of damage to the passengers and crew.

They were, in fact, talking about blowing the vessel up once they were done stripping it of anything at all valuable.

The one fly in the ointment was a single

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Challenge #02798-G241: Spit and Determination

This is a second installment for this prompt becuase this was a GREAT one but was a cliffhanger!

They'd been on the deathworld for nearly 3 months, their human had lost so much weight his health had begun to deteriorate. The simple sugars extracted from the toxic flora were just barely enough to keep the havenworlders alive, and the human was not getting what he needs. The rescue ship arrived to see the human and havenworlders

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Challenge #02630-G073: A Questionable Survival Mechanism

As the Galactic, not a deathworlder, but not a delicate havenworlder either, looked down at the infant human, they had to wonder...

"How does something so small and delicate grow into something so dangerous?"

The infant, seemingly in answer, smiled, then reached up and gently hugged the sentient holding it. Before releasing a truly noxious fart. -- Anon Guest

Every species not equal to a Deathworlder tends to look a lot like a Havenworlder to the Deathworlder in question. Some Deathworlders are

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Challenge #01655-D194: Expensive Reactions

On the topic of "Humans are Insane," I present: Every chemist who has ever willingly worked with something that ended up in the "Things I Won't Work With" guy's articles. Please note, many of said chemists were attempting to come up with new, better, rocket fuel, so it was designed to be highly explosive from the get-go.

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Humans are recognised as patently unkillable across the Galactic Alliance. But even

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