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Challenge #03575-I286: Pax Libum

Several Humans decide to take on the CHALLENGE! They are invited to a Vorax ship, promised that if it did not work out, they would be let go, and not eaten, THIS TIME. The challenge? Feed a ship of hungry Vorax with foods so calorie dense that even a VORAX doesn't feel hungry anymore. This is Vlogging Gold! And no more hungry Vorax? Bonus! -- Anon Guest

"Welcome once more to What Stonkers You, where two mad chefs take on the challenge of feeding the entire universe until they ask for a doggie bag."

"This one is the extreme edition folks! We're coming to you from the heart of the Vorax Raider Vessel H'ach'nach, which I believe translates to Stab and eat."

"But we're not worried. We've got cheeses on our side." The first chef, Dane, opened a large container that was overloaded with wheels upon wheels of cheese. "If you want calorie dense, you can't go much past cheese."

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Challenge #03066-H143: Could is Not Should

Human: "Excuse me?"

Alliance Member: "Yes?"

Human: "I .. um.... kinda... messed up again."

Alliance Member: "Oh it's you.... OH! You didn't, please not again!?"

Human: "I really thought I could do it this time." The human held their broken arm and looked over at the trees that looked as though something large had just ripped through several of the small branches and leaves.

Alliance Member: "HOW many times do we have to tell you? Stop trying to get to the very top

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Challenge #00001: Sara with a Manual while on Ordeal

 geekhyena answered: Have you read Diane Duane’s work? If so, Sara with a Manual while on Ordeal.

I am not remotely familiar with Duane. I should pick her up, one of these days. Nevertheless, I shall attempt this with my own reality(s).

Fiction ho!

Manual Ordeal

“So…” Hank drawled. “A few questions…”

“Do keep them brief.” Sara turned a page, frowning. It was written in two languages by someone who barely understood

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