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I forgot the Patreon stuff, yesterday.

I'm due to make a Wordpress Wednesday, today. Based entirely on your lovely votes. Results as promised below:

(Shown here: Strawpoll results with "Tropes I Despise - The Miraculous Minority" as the clear winner with three votes. Other options: "Eugenics Gets Evolution Wrong," "Autism and Me (four parter)," "Gender Imbalance in the Romcom," and "Why Must They Go There?" having one vote each. The remaining three options got no votes)

So the seven of you who actually care what I write over there have spoken. Today's Wordpress is going to be about the Miraculous Minority and why I firkin hate that trope to death.

Stay tuned.

The TangleBag(tm) is almost two inches tall, now. Pictures happening on my Patreon, later.

There's an impending brat run, this morning, so I reeeally have to focus on my shit.

...says the Author who just wasted an hour plus on YouTube...

I need help.

Coming Soon...

This Friday, I join up with a D&D group at Beloved's workplace. I may or may not have the little darlings in tow. That would make the evening more interesting, to be certain. And more expensive, since taking the train in is my pln for that evening.

I'm going to be documenting the adventures of Gerroff, a Kobold bard with an INT score of 10. They're agender and never saw why that was important. Whatever passes for puberty amongst Kobolds

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Interactive Fiction(s)

The idea behind interactive fiction is thus: if you want to add a bit, you can!

It is not a round robin, you do not have to wait your turn.

I would prefer one big suggestion to ten billion tiny ones. Contrary to popular opinion, I do have a life. I may not always have the time to manage what you generate…

I currently have all my fics on “Anyone with a link can comment” for now. If anyone

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Phew! (pantpantpant)

I managed to bodge up a cover for my upcoming free book [Out TOMORROW!] in fantastic Suck-O-Vision care of my pathetic art skills and equally pathetic Inkscape skills.

It all stems from the concept that there’s a point in my story where my antagonist is completely covered in… things… [Spoilers] Therefore, the view plate of their helmet would be all HUD.

All I had to do was design the farging HUD.

Pain. In. The Arse.

Not doing that

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