And Here Comes The Depression

A 4-post collection

Sunday, Day 0, Back onto the bullshit

Plague news:

  • 11 174 new cases
  • 62 919 total active cases
  • 365 hospitalisations
  • 17 in the ICU

Vax news:

  • Not available because the data is 404'd

URGH I hate that I can't update the stats nor easily compare the states and territories.

I am back to early bedtimes because Long Monday is back on because D&D. I do these things to myself...

Good news on a personal level:
- I am now a Twitch Affiliate! Yay... ::curlytoot noise:: - My editor is back to business. WOOOT!

Which means I can set up bells and whistles on my stream henceforth. At a later date.

And also that I can get back to fixing up Adapting and get it in line for publication. Huzzah. Which will eventually mean that I have to learn how to sell myself my work to people.

I wanted to do this. I wanted to do this...

In the news:

  • Snowflake tennis star continues to Snowflake out
  • More testing fuckups in Victoria
  • Wired headphones making a comeback
  • A female tennis player was deported for vax status. Do I smell some prejudice?
  • Dad attacks jogger for not social distancing
  • Vax can change periods. Huzzah?
  • Desperate mum locks plague-positive son in boot because she feared losing her job catching the virus
  • How to get your FREE TEST!
  • Internet divided by photograph of someone texting that they had the plague on a plane
  • You're doing the tests wrong
  • They can use CRISPR to target fat cells

Stories soon.


This is looking like one hell of a year. There are three hundred and twenty-one unique fires all over this country. A violent and misogynistic man with too much power has started another war and is calling it "de-escalation". Our world leaders think that listening to speeches is 'action', and we're obviously headed somewhere very warm in someone's hand-basket.

What a wonderful start to the new year.

Also I slept through until the morning light, so there's no stream this morning. Because

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Grrrr... fargnax...

OK so I was so eager to have money again that my mental calendar flipped ahead by an entire week. Which means I pretty much have to keep my head in for ANOTHER week.

We have loads of stuff to eat, so it's cool. What's not cool is not having options. Like... "Meh, I don't feel like cooking, let's have Pizza/HJ's/Maccas/RandoTakeoutPlace" kind of options.

What's also not cool is that the freezer needs a defrost and, despite our best

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5:30 AM

Shut up, Rabbit.

One Way Ticket does make excellent wake-up music. Even though I sort of hate Rabbit a little for about two minutes.

When I am in a more charitable frame of mind, I shall posit exactly WHY the bots are super-annoying morning people.

And it will be sweet and fluffy.

Fairy floss fic.

That’s a good term, now that I think on it. Sweet, fluffy and almost zero value whatsoever.

BUT I still have to get out of

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