Sunday - Day Zero

All three cases found yesterday are foreign imports and already in quarantine, but it still resets my counter to zero and it still makes me stay largely at home doing buggerall with myself. Sigh.

Living with a chronic lung condition is firkin hell during times of an air-transmissable plague.

And it's sad that I just wrote that as if these were multiple occurrences. The truth is, we are just over the first wave. The second will happen when we believe we're safe and someone with the plague flits through the extinguished safeguards and starts another flare-up. Such as what's happened now with the relaxed border controls biting us in the butt. Victoria is still trying to get less than ten new cases per diem. All it takes is one member of the Karen Squad to lie their way past all the checkpoints and I'm back to hiding in my metaphorical bunker.

It's exhausting.

Mayhem wants to go shopping today, he has a funeral to attend on Monday. Someone he knew. He still won't talk to me about who that is/was. I have to let him deal with this how he sees fit.

In the news:

  • Someone leaked a half-baked report that justifies the Muppet's claims of mail-in voting being a source of voter fraud
  • Said report was not in full grip of the facts
  • Critical Role launches a non-profit to help the world and the fans blast through the first goal in less than 24 hours. Go Critters
  • Some claims have arisen that the entire lockdown plan was economic sabotage on the capitalist system. My dudes. Capitalism shot itself in the foot first. China just shoved it to make it fall over
  • Meanwhile, Australia seems to be sailing through everything reasonably well. Keep in mind that the USA seems to be the low bar in all directions
  • Epidemiologist accurately predicted the 200K US death toll in July. Also vast call-outs of Muppet's deliberate obfuscation playing a key part in said death toll
  • 100km winds, unseasonal snow, and cataclysmic weather hits NSW and Victoria. Yet some politicians [coughcough ScoMo coughcough] want to continue denying climate change because it makes their mates in the coal industry so much money
  • There is increasing hype for nuclear power despite (a) it's exchanging one limited mineral fuel resource for another, (b) Three Mile Island, (c) Chernobyl, and, (d) Fukushima. Never mind that it's the most expensive and limited way to prevent further carbon catastrophes happening (eyeroll)

Let's make a happy warm fluffy story and stay away from the news for the rest of today.