Friday, Day 5, No Bread

I have the bikkie cooking, there's six active cases, and the bread I made on Wednesday has remained untouched. Possibly to teach me a lesson. "See? You did not need to rush to be sure we had bread. Calm down! Relaaaax.

My peeps. My dear darling peeps. I make bread because I care about you. Don't let it sit out and get mouldy or I will do murders... Because I spent time and effort on the bread and money on the flour. If I go to all that effort for nowt, then I will be pissed.


Nothing more has come of the Nonny Hate I got. I'm past the shakes and headed towards the end of the text I have for Kosh's journal. We might be playing D&D again soon. Yay?

In the news:

  • ScoMo caught out lying on his claim that he knew nothing about the Parliament Incident as his texts reach the public
  • Ted Cruz, suspected Zodiac Killer [joke], abandons the state he engineered a winter crisis for in favour of flying to Cancun. He then blames his kids for the holiday. Stay classy
  • Facebook now stops people from sharing Aussie news, cops backlash
  • Mortal Kombat is a movie and the trailer looks awesome
  • Hostage situation in Brisbane suburb
  • Vaccine rolls out on Monday
  • Social distance markers to remain in public transit
  • Haircut nearly turns fatal (!) -- for the barber who accidentally stabbed himself with scissors
  • Smith's re-releasing Tasty Toobs
  • Putin has a secret daughter and she's a Covid Conspiracy Theory advocate. Yay [/sarcasm]
  • AusPost's flipping fish cat toy a best-seller

Onwards to making fiction. I have a 1K goal today and a house to unfuck. Then, finally, a weekend to enjoy.