Day One Once More

No new cases today and some rumblings that yesterday's new case may be a false positive. I refuse to take chances and count the false positives as positives anywhere.

Today's agenda includes household unfuckening and no bread. We still have an entire loaf that the family is disinterested in. I shall leave the baking of bread alone for another week. The family tends to tire of a homemade loaf now and again.

Shit happens.

Speaking of immense piles of shit:

  • Calls arise to make masks mandatory in NSW before it turns into another Victoria
  • Victorians are attempting to flee the Victorian lockdowns and will inevitably end up spreading the plague wherever they wind up
  • Outbreak linked to social activities between young people makes NSW leaders attempt to tell young people to not be sociable so they don't spread the plague
  • Covid-19 survivor now has lingering mental issues and a whole new personality as a result
  • People are drinking hand sanitiser in a move that may or may not be linked to the Muppet telling people to drink bleach? This is only happening in the USA so far
  • Yet another comorb of the plague is hair loss. Huzzah
  • K-Mart is now turning ex-Targets into one-stop-shop depots with options for online order pickups
  • Mantra of the era seems to be "just keep shopping"
  • Unsurprisingly, workers in shops are getting tons of abuse from the hordes of Karens and Koreys kicking up their assorted stinks
  • Muppet doubles down on the misinformation that kids can't catch or carry the plague and twitter temporarily suspends his right to tweet until such message was deleted
  • People more invested in getting their dogs to wear masks than themselves 9_9

Is it any wonder I keep the hell away from the news on weekends?

Story soon.