Challenge #02766-G209: Communication Block

A havenworlder has a soft, higher-pitched, voice and the human only catches half of what they say most of the time. They are both heading to a medical hub, the human to get treatment, the havenworlder to do their internship. While there, the human explains about that annoying ringing in the ears called tinnitus, and how humans who have accidents, listen to too many loud noises, or just start to get elderly, can sometimes end up with hearing damage. -- Anon Guest

"All right," sang Medik Fluph. "Human Jan, is it?"

Human Jan was engrossed in their datareader, apparently playing something involving bright colours and tapping at them.

Medik Fluph circled into their field of view. "Human Jan Mettistov?"

Human Jan startled. "Hah? What? Oh Yeah. That's me. Sorry, I didn't hear you," their voice was pitched a little too loud for normal conversation. "I'm here for my tinnitus. It's acting up."

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