Wednesday, I'm Very Tired

Long Monday was longer than it had to be. It was a good thing I slept through most of Tuesday because our anniversary date night went minutes into the next morning, including a long walk in the sweltering evening because we were unable to directly access my car.

My knees hurt. I have chub rub. Yet I would not change very much about the evening. Maybe where I firkin parked. That's about it.

We had some excellent foods and watched an amusingly stupid movie [whose choice was it to make the Autistic Representation into the VILLAIN and have all the weirder parts come out AFTER they're caught?]. I may rant about it later.

I might not.

There will be an excursion to fetch Beloved's car today, which may turn into an excursion for cream and kitty noms and a few other things. Like new cables because my Beloved's cables are frayed to shit.

And perhaps that new lappy yay.

We shall see.

I need to nap. I should finish posting my Patreon stuff and do the Wordpress today. I dunno if I'll get all the way there.

I need rest.