Wednesday, Day 0, Wordpress

Plague news: 5 699 new cases. No more stats on imports versus local transmission, thanks a bunch. 25 924 total active cases, 205 are in hospital, 11 are in the ICU.

Vax news:

  • Australia's had 24 925 new doses administered
  • Queensland's daily doses have increased by 5 478

It really feels like everyone's given up. I joked with Beloved that everyone else will get Omicron but I'll go down with Delta. It's not very funny.

I have noticed, and corrected, a problem with my sigs for my stories here in my blog. Yay. I am about to figure out something to go off about for my Wordpress. Maybe some of the things I don't understand about WorldAnvil. I dunno yet.

In the news:

  • Australia continues to give free passes to sports celebrities to spread their versions of the plague
  • New restrictions in Victoria
  • Smartarse woman strips to use her dress as a face mask in an effort to skate around the rules
  • There's ANOTHER plague strain on the loose
  • We're going to run out of meat in a few weeks
  • ScoMo backflips about the testing costs
  • Tech and software support for Blackberry phones ends
  • Experts warn that we can't keep vaccinating the planet every 6 months. We can't even get the first lot of vaccines to everyone
  • Newborn baby found alive in airplane bin
  • Turnstile-jumper dies in the act
  • Special Snowflake Antivax Knomira actively flaunts the travel rules surrounding the plague
  • Fish rain
  • New eco-friendly smart food packaging exists!

Most of this is reasons why I prefer fantasy.