Tuesday, Patreon, Shopping, and a Long Day

I PLN on recording some chapters for Adorable today, having finished chapter 370 of my ever-increasing WIP. I should also be receiving moneys that will enable me to get all the things.

I have to take Mayhem to the train station this morning. Then? After 10, it's shopping time... and I will attempt to drag Miss Chaos along to get reminders on the stuff we need that isn't the stuff I want.

And I can introduce her to making some very simple bread. It may teach her how much trouble that stuff is. Or it may keep her off of my loaves. OR it might turn her off scoffing an entire GD loaf overnight.

Which is what I suspect happened with my first loaf last night. I haven't opened the second one yet. And I am feeling how much effort I do for how little reward. Five slices out of an entire loaf that took TWO DAYS to make is a little disheartening, if I'm honest.

[Shown here: my first loaf from yesterday. Now gone the way of all mortal things]

[Shown here: My second loaf. I may have overdone the browning stage]

Further jiggery-pokery may be warranted. BUT... I also have a more-or-less perfected Chia Sourdough recipe. Coming soon to my Wordpress.

I shall commence with my Patreon this morning, since it's an activity that's immune to interruptions.

My 'usual' shenanigans will happen as time allows.