Tuesday, Leyland's Tour and then all the other things

I am helping MeMum with the byzantine Gordian knot that is Queensland firearms license paperwork, today. Which means that I will be largely incommunicado until that is well over with.

Which means that all my usual offerings unto the altar of notes [better known as the internet] will be either late today or not present until tomorrow.

Also going on behind the curtain is yet another one of those "why am I even trying" existential crises based entirely around the blatant fascism in the USA and the grinding gears of the publishing industry working on milling author bones for a bit more bread.

So I deal with what's in front of me.

ADT has a wall that needs Beloved's assistance to knock down. So... until that's gone, I'm back to one of the more hated occupations in my writing career - summarising the extant novels.

All part of my long-term plan called WWAEWGD - What Would An Entitled White Guy Do?

An entitled white guy wouldn't meekly go away and write a different book. They'd just fling the next book at them while pitching the last one to a different mob. And I have at least five of these suckers just lying in wait. So I will sort them in order of turn-around times, skip all the ones with "reading fees" [ye gods] and have at it.

BUT... I still have to do all the work of prepping the commonly requested materials so that I can do all that at relatively ludicrous speed.

Also polish my bio so that it reflects how queer/neurodiverse I am so that they know what they're getting into from the start.

It is time to wear clothes, feed the cats, and get rattling onwards.

I shall have stuff for you when I have stuff for you.