Challenge #03908-J256: One Last Hurrah

For the sake of that poor child.

The guards talk to a good friend who has handled lost spirits like this child before. They find the family, and, with the mall's permission, and a lot of wheedling, have a party started so when the spirit shows again, the family can say their goodbyes, and the child can have the last thing they were promised so they can move on. -- Anon Guest

They knew about "the hospital kid" and they also knew that the owners and administrators were not doing anything about it. So they got together to find something real to deal with it.

Alleged ghost hunters were only there for the spectacle, and frequently drove spirits into hiding. Some psychics were pure horseshit and worse than the ghost hunters. They eventually found a spiritualist via the "I know a guy" network.

He arrived in a colourful jumpsuit that was just some greasepaint and a wig away from being a clown's costume. He had an amulet that was decidedly not clownlike, and a way of looking into shadowed corners that spoke loudly of a lifetime of understandable caution. He carried a large bag that clinked weirdly.

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