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Call for beta-readers

I need readers, soon, for my finished alpha draft of Kung Fu Zombies.

It has to pass through Beloved’s hands first. Of course.

After that, I will need people who can get back to me in a relatively fast time [if you can devour a book in a day - great! If you can retain info from that, then better] and especially people with a sense of humour.

My idea of funny generally sails over other peoples’ heads. So I need to know when funny can happen in the narrative and how I can do that. Especially if there’s an opportunity for puns.

It’s supposed to be a parody. That means I need jokes. But jokes that don’t kill the book. Or are politically incorrect.

If you think you can do that, send me a message with your email address and I WILL get back to you as soon as KFZ is ready for you.

I have a problem

Entries into the writing contest need some splash art.

1200 by 420 pixels.

For each story.

I’m planning on putting in ALL my short stories (except RTFM, that’s in the slush pile at Andromeda Space Flight Magazine) and excerpts from my novels,

That’s a lot of art.

And I have the compositional skills of a dead whelk.

And I’m stony broke. I can’t afford to pay anyone. All I can offer is

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A call for volunteers

You’ve had some free samples of my writing [check the #story tag in my posts] and now I’m looking for Beta Readers because it’s just occurred to me that handing out stories for free before I try to sell them might just be a bad business plan.

So. Does anyone out there with sharp reading eyes wish to subject themselves to the alpha drafts of whatever the heck my warped mind concocts next?

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