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Dear Beta-readers...

Since nobody new volunteered - please let me know if you have not received your copy of Kung Fu Zombies.

If it is not in your inbox - check your spam, trash and junk folders. I tend to wind up in there for some reason.

This book is probably going to be my one chance at making an income so PLEASE HURRY with getting back to me. Even if it’s to tell me that you don’t have the time/effort/stamina to beta read.

Thank you for your help.


Beloved has no time for me :(

They’re literally so busy that there is no time for reading.

Which means I need volunteers NOW.

People who want to polish a book for dead-tree publication.

People who can get back to me about what needs fixing. People who know funny.

Please help.

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Call for beta-readers

I need readers, soon, for my finished alpha draft of Kung Fu Zombies.

It has to pass through Beloved’s hands first. Of course.

After that, I will need people who can get back to me in a relatively fast time [if you can devour a book in a day - great! If you can retain info from that, then better] and especially people with a sense of humour.

My idea of funny generally sails over other peoples’ heads. So I need

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A call for volunteers

You’ve had some free samples of my writing [check the #story tag in my posts] and now I’m looking for Beta Readers because it’s just occurred to me that handing out stories for free before I try to sell them might just be a bad business plan.

So. Does anyone out there with sharp reading eyes wish to subject themselves to the alpha drafts of whatever the heck my warped mind concocts next?

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