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Some people really do need thinking-brain dogs.


Rael had seen Augments before. Animals that humans normally called pets were genetically altered to be smarter, more able to do the things that humans did. They rankled him, but they were legal. Most were companions and helpers.

A very rare few were ability aids.

The female pushing the trolley bore no external signs of being less than fully able. Until she spoke.

“I want chocolate milk you’re in the way.” Each word fired out rapidly next to the other without emotion or inflection.

The augmented St Bernard by her side said, “We say ‘excuse me, please’.”

“Excuse me please.”

Rael moved himself and his burdened shopping trolley out of the way.

The female human lunged for the chocolate milk.

“Ah-ah. No-no,” said the St Bernard.

“I been good I want chocolate milk.”

“Sometimes food. You must brush your teeth more.”

“…'es, Nana. Sorry, Nana.”

There was a story there, of course. Everyone had a story. It was rude to pry and demand to know what it was. He knew more than one person who had  an Augmented pet as their only family. After the disaster of his first encounter, he made a habit of being the part of the community that stopped by to see if they needed any help.

Rael got his press-pak bricks of polenta and caught up on the couple, now having an argument over another treat.

“Excuse me, ladies?” Rael offered his card. “I’m available at discount rates if you should need help.”

Nana the St Bernard took the card with a, “Thank you. I appreciate the offer.”

“Your coat is pretty,” said the human.

Rael thanked her and went on with his day. Nana had been tailored, he had no doubt, to help a female somehow stuck at a particular progress level. All things considered, the dog had more rights than the human she was assisting.

Things had gone a long way since Gaspode, the first Augment in galactic history.

He, too, had been made to help someone who was not, strictly speaking, completely cogniscent. Human and dog, the pair made one functional entity.

Rael wished them every luck they could obtain.

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Challenge #00028: Don't You Cry, Baby Mine

The sun shone brightly despite the time of year, but its warm rays brushed uselessly against heavy curtains. Inside the dark room, a father held his baby in his arms and prayed that the child would find peace. (darkfoxglove)

Sergei Darkholme, better known to the world as Azazel, wept for his son. He had his father’s tail and pointed ears. His mother’s blue skin. Less fingers and toes than normal, but he was healthy. Alive.

And stuck like

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Challenge #00026: I Spy

 quietstorm81 answered: A mother finding out about her daughter’s crush via somewhat unethical snooping in a stash of love letters.

Station night was well and truly underway. She should have been going home. She should be closing down her office and leaving it all to the night crew. It was late and getting later. Her family would soon wonder where she was.

Sheppard would be wanting his bedtime story.

Lyr knew all this. She knew what she was doing was a

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Challenge me?

Once again, I am bereft of fiction prompts to write an instant (shortish) fiction based thereupon.

So, once again, I ask you, my dear readers, to challenge me to do something you’d like to see done.

Anything at all.

Submit a prompt, ask me a question about my pet universe, or even pop a thought into the answer box below. In return you will get your very own free miniature fiction here on my blog for the enjoyment of all.

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Chalenge #00026: Young Love, Stay Love

 quietstorm81 answered: Old couple commenting on young couple having an awkward but visably loving first date in a park

They took the ramp up to third balcony level in Big Tree Park. Poor Mal’s knees wouldn’t let him do stairs, any more.

Their usual bench was occupied by a young couple, so they took the next one. It was good to sit and watch the green things grow. And some of the things that weren’t exactly

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That was my last challenge prompt

I think I’ve been doing moderately well with my challenges, so far. Anyone is welcome to submit a prompt, and it doesn’t have to be fanficcy.

Anything you’d like to see written, I’ll make an honest effort to write.


Take me at my word. Submit a prompt, ask a question, or even give a prompt in the answer-space below.

Want to see what I can do?

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Sara, Todd, and Forge team up to create the Locker Troll Mk V.


“This is strictly arts and crafts, you understand?”

“Yes, Sara,” intoned Forge in the tired mien of someone who’d been through this before.

“*Just* the available materiel.”

“Yes, Sara.”

“No wibbly-wobbly jiggery-pokery.”

Sigh. “Yes Sara.”

“And no tricky little gadgets to speed up the process.”

“Yes, Sara.”

“Todd, darling, you may frisk him.”

“Man. I thought you said this would

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In a chain restaurant, with an inebriated thunder/lightning god tired of freaking THOR getting all the attention, while he decides he needs...


It was a dark and -o god- stormy night. The bums that usually cleared out five minutes before the little tip saucer appeared on their table hung around and actually dropped change on the saucer.

Pennies, for the most part. The occasional nickel, crying because it was alone. And one ancient-looking coin and a string of cowrie shells.

Aisha freshened up the weirdo’s coffee and said, “We prefer legal tender, here.” The coin was surprisingly heavy and

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Letting a date down easy


Shayde winced as she filtered the young lizard girl’s enthusiastic babbling through her own understanding.


This kid had the worst case of wishful listening Shayde had ever seen.


“Maybe I can take you to see the storm aurora. It only happens outside the left tail section for some reason? Oh! Wait. There’s like a historical theatre thing? Sometimes they do recreation shows, sometimes they show the old-style cinema stuff? It’

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Announce on the Challenge

I’m going to try spacing my prompts out to one a day, if only to give Geekhyena a break ;)

Also, it gives me more time to think about which prompt would be best to take on and it gives you (yes, you! The individual reading this) time to think up some more prompts to submit or ask me :)

Of course, I will try to do the non-fanficcy ones first, since stretching into my pet universe is a priority for me.

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Challenge me?

Challenge me?

I am writing short stories based on submissions from you. Yes you.

If you’re reading this, you can slap together any old word salad you like and pop it in my submissions box. Or my ask box. Or even in an answer below. I will turn it into a story.

Anything you want to see, I will make happen. I may even make it happen in my pet universe.

I can, have, and will turn anything into science

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Mort and Sara get to go on a proper date.


Much had changed. Mort was still shocked at most of it. All of it could be traced back to Sara. Sara, no longer plain but still tall. She’d grown two inches by slow degrees and every last atom from top to toe was pure delight. He had a name for every colour of every aqua-to-lapis scale/chromatophore on her delightful skin.

He had changed, too. He no longer hunkered in shadows. He spoke up when he felt wronged. He

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Evoverse or Flotsamverse: The X-Men go to a con, in cosplay or out (Kurt keeps getting compliments on his "costume" regardless). Geeking...


“He’s gone to ground in something called jen-ra-con,” The Professor frowned. “Either I’m getting a lot of static or… something is wrong. Nobody there looked at all human.”

Sara glared at him. “You’re kidding me. This high a concentration of freaks and weirdos and none of you has heard of Genracon? The biggest month-long geek-out known to fandomkind?”

“I heard of it,” said Kurt.


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