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Challenge #02911-G354: You Raided the Wrong Planet

A backwater, mudball of a planet that’s home to the galaxies 3rd best interstellar circus comes under attack! -- LatinoThor45

Five hundred years has changed a lot of things. Thousands of years in deep-time colonies has changed so very, very much more. The nature of Circus has evolved. There is no animal exploitation. The trained creatures present are holograms. Artificial intelligences carefully monitored by the CRC and the AI Alliance. They were not that smart, and carefully made to be so.

The most glittering entertainment was the live performances by cogniscents. They were definitely consenting to be there, and happy to show off. Except, when they came to Planet Podunk, they took some time off. The circus itself moved on. Performers swapping out to show off with those who were exhausted and planning to take an extended break to recoup from being "on the road" and work on some new material.

That was the plan, before the Vorax to attacked. They thought they were visiting a resort-world where people farmed for the fringe benefits. It looked like a peaceful planet where few people went and few people came from. It looked like an idyllic haven where people went to relax and enjoy themselves. It looked like a soft place of easy pickings. Looks are always deceptive.

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Challenge #02901-G344: Vocal Gymnastics

The human spoke in a half-whisper as they were going through the jungle trying to skirt the edges of a hostile camp. Normally, they'd be 'kick backside and take names' but they were carrying a wounded havenworlder with them and could not risk their friend. Damnit, if only the life pod's transmitters had worked! No use for it, they knew where the rescue ship would be, but the hostiles were not going to make it easy.

Their friend then noticed the voice

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Challenge #02855-G298: You Don't Have to Learn -- Escla

Humans love music. They love to make it, they love to have it. It punctuates their lives, helps them focus, lifts their mood, and even lulls them to sleep. It permeates their cultures and can even entertain multitudes.

It can also be highly invasive, annoying, and a form of psychological warfare, and Humans know this. Especially Human Jo, who has been captured by enemy forces and is now one among many bargaining chips

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Challenge #02781-G224: Dear Employee...

If you really want to make a politician sweat write them a handwritten letter. I do this, (a) It's rare, and they are obliged to answer. But first of course they have to find someone who can read longhand, neat, correctly spelt, longhand. Which of course forces them to focus on the contents. -- Nonny the Mouse.

[AN: I'm sure I did something to this point somewhere before...]

People want to make politicians think. The problem with this is that the politicians

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