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Challenge #02717-G160: A Plot From the Slush Pile

A human gets body-swapped with a short avian havenworlder just before a band of vorax attack, they find the 'human' cowering, and the chirpy bird missing... -- Anon Guest

[AN: Mind swaps are silly episode ideas so this is entirely non-canon to my pet universe]

"Aw, what the hell?" complained Human De, currently Thelid De, since hir mind was in Thelid Vaax's body. "This is like every badly-written filler episode in the history of everything!"

Human Vaax, once Thelid Vaax said, "I don't know what that means, but you must practice the calming breaths. Your current body is not made for Human levels of emotion."

Worse and worse, the attacking party was coming towards their fortified space. Vaax did not know what to do. De, unfortunately, did. Ze was already breathing in a regulated manner and looking at the world around them as if it owed hir fifteen dollars. "Where's your combat-rated livesuit?" De asked.

"In my quarters. Why?"

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Challenge #00996-B265: Miss Communication

That thing where your words get all tangled up and you can't speak your own language until you stop and spit out the bad sounds, then suddenly you can talk again. -- Anon Guest

[AN: You might appreciate this vid from Red Dwarf. There's also a more polished official version IDK I rather prefer the original...]

Shayde was in the middle of Explaining Physics. Some of the expositions she had were still years ahead of current technology. Right now, she was examining

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Challenge #00711 - A346: Saved!

Serial killer (real Hannibal Lechter-type) turns himself in to the authorities a sobbing wreck after months of being hounded by a pair of REALLY persistent Jehova’s Witnesses.

Every serial killer makes one big mistake, and for Kevin Leerie, that mistake was answering the door one peaceful morning to the door-to-door evangelists.

“Have you heard the good word of our lord and saviour Jesus Christ?”

“Rack off,” said Kevin, and slammed the door.

He should have pretended he

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Challenge #00710 - A345: Vicious Competition

MongoCorp runs across a rival business concern…AzTech.

Despite the near meteoric rise of MongoCorp Consolidated Business Concern, there was a rival in the South Americas. AzTech Incorporated.

They profited by a pyramid franchise scheme that sent prescribed percentages of profits to the central offices in Tacuba, and busily recruited and expanded all around them.

Their flagship products were QuetzlcoatlNet and the Obsidian Drive. The sharpest technology on the planet.

But their sacrificial employee management skills were in direct opposition to MongoCorp&

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Challenge #00567 - A192: Unsuitable Food

“The secret formula, it must be kept out of the wrong hands or it will doom us all!”

“This is a recipe for clootie dumplings.”

In the wake of sanctioned, regulated, guaranteed foodstuffs, there was revolution.

Astrid slipped her fingers into the knuckleduster she kept in her pocket as the shadowy figure approached. Just in case. Her life had been saved by precautionary measures like this, and the dust mask she wore to obscure her face.


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