Second Chance

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Challenge #03613-I325: A Kindly Cut

A thief sneaks up behind Wraithvine while they are meditating, and, with a scissor, cuts some of the very long hair and tries to flee with it. -- Anon Guest

People think that Elves are insensate when they are resting. It's easy to believe. After all, they seem unresponsive to any sudden disruption in their environment. The truth that very few know is that Elven meditation is a means of connecting with the world around them. They are very aware of everything. They only respond to that which is important or dangerous.

It's also widely known that Elven hair is valued by the inch.

The thief who called themself Lent knew without a doubt that the pale pink locks of the Elf had to be worth a fortune. Enough to live a better life, for certain. They crept out of habit, not from any perceived need, battered old scissors at the ready.

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Challenge #03577-I288: A Second Chance

Amatu, Wraithvine, and their friends now develop a plan to save Wraithvine's litch friend, frienemy? It may not work, but it's a solid plan. Between finding a willing necromancer, and Amatu's immense gifts, they may be able to save the dark one. But is Amatu willing to lose their mortality in the process? Will Wraithvine accept him as an immortal brother? -- Fighting Fit

Necromancy seems made to be automatically gross. It takes the things repulsive

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