Park Run

A 2-post collection

Saturday, Parkrun First!

I did the whole 5K for the first time in ever! YAAAAAYYY!

I will probably regret tomorrow. Today, I am proud of myself.

I shall be streaming, and then joining my Beloved for a nap. We hadn't got enough sleep, last night so catching up is priority.

I want some sleep, but I also don't want to be streaming closer to tomorrow.

Onwards towards that goal.

Saturday, Parkrun and Organising

I almost got to 4K on the Parkrun this morning, but I did also get some paragraphs in during some waits.

With Eggs Benny and Iced Coffee for brunch.

...I just got Taste Demerits from MeMum.

My immediate PLN is to do my stream and then reply to all the comments on my entry for TaleFoundry this week. I've had stuff in the way before now.

I should not have stuff in the way next week.

...fingers crossed.

After I do all

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