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I have enjoyed myself overmuch, it seems. A little bit too much xylitol, a little too much fun. A definite lack of sleep... Life's a little bit complicated, today, as a direct result.

Yup. Hardy perennial digestive issues versus hardy perennial sleep issues. Stir in a thoroughly enjoyable drawing stream in the literal middle of the night by Toasty, and you have a recipe for a wrecked 'Nutter.

I'm doing my best to keep the content flowing, even though other things want to keep flowing, much to my regret.

Thanks in advance for your patience.

Also on my agenda sometime real soonish - getting Pippi spayed. I am 10000% in favour of spaying and neutering your pets. They live longer, they're less of a pain in the butt, you don't have to worry about litters of little surprises turning up... it's win-win.

I just gotta be sure of the cash, the time window, and the precautions. Yeeks.

At least I know Pippi hasn't been catting about because I was responsible and built a firkin catio for her.

Anyway. Onwards ever onwards.


I did three and a half hours of cleaning, yesterday. The other half hour was spent fetching Mayhem from school. My back hurts, I'm tired (but can't sleep. Such fun) and the house looks amazing.

I also have a case of the gut bugs from somewhere. And I haven't done that much different from my regular routine. Which means either (a) mild food poisoning, or (b) I managed to pick up something from the local shops that I never wanted.

Either way,

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Post-Yule fallout

Boxing day. A day when the fridge is full of leftovers and the house is full of wrapping paper. Today is going to be pretty much an all-day snack and I know it.

Thanks to Pizza on Christmas Eve, and the feast yesterday, I'm back up over my 95-Kilo celebration border. So I will be attempting [underline attempting] to keep my sweet tooth in check.

It's not going well. Today's breakfast includes four jelly lollies and a snowball [that's a chocolate-covered marshmallow

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