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Saturday, Game Night

We need more kitty fodder. We may also have to pick up kitty litter as well. I like having supplies in store in case of Yet Another Apocalypse. And we're due for a few.

La Nina is overdue to block all the roads with more floods. We have yet another outbreak of the Plague left in the "meh" zone of the news. Ongoing international horseshit is threatening the availability of literally everything and the only thing stopping me from getting a bunker is the finances.


At least there's still internet/devices enough to keep writing.

And enough internet for a slightly delayed game of D&D.

Not that I want to curse that any time soon.

I keep forgetting to individuate chapters as soon as I finish them, and that's on me. It's not a routine, so it's easy to forget.

Beloved is out walking with friends for exercise purposes. I shall have to stir myself towards getting kitty fodder and litter and perhaps a bifdy gift.

Money's a little short, though. I may have to economise.

I may have to cash in recyclables just to have an economy. Blargh.

I want to nap, and have someone else take care of it.

At least I have a story for today.

Saturday, teh PLN?

I need a wrist support now that I'm playing mouse-heavy games with my crew of international maniacs. Beloved might know where I can get one that has not been transformed into Anime Boobs.

I'm still calling it a tiddy rest. Because that's where my brain lives.

Today, I am actually going to learn how Unreal Engine works. Play around with it. If I can't make Kosh, I can at least make his brother. And then twiddle around somewhere else with the build

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I'm done

I'm done


cleaning-up-blood is going to die today. Please stop her from killing herself. Send her nice anons. Signal boost. I don't care just help her. I f**ked up enough being that I didn't email her authorities when she needed them (she lives in England, I'm in America). Now she's going to...

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