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Challenge #04089-K071: Overwhelmed, Undervalued, and in Need

A young teen comes up to the meditating Wraithvine, sits down, and leans on hir. They just need a comforting presence right now, as they sniffle and sob softly to themselves. This person seemed to radiate peace, and they badly needed to feel that, at least for a little while. -- Anon Guest

Elves did not originate in the mortal plane, or Mundis Mortalidae as it is also known. They started in Nanogh, and were brought into the world by both accident and Dragons. At least, as the stories would have it. They found certain things to be drastically horrifying once they got there. Such as the need for food and sleep.

Dreams still terrify Elves born in the mortal plane. Which is why they meditate. When they do so, they connect in part to the magical plane, and gravity is one the many laws they temporarily break. In brief... they levitate when they meditate.

Brielle Schneiderin did not initially see that the Elf was one foot in height above hir meditation mat. There was an assumption of cushions and some heavy winter wear in the equation. So when she sat beside hir and leaned, she was very much startled by pushing Wraithvine away from hir intended perch. There were no cushions. There was, however, a very startled Elf who had a bruised... dignity.

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Challenge #03771-J118: The First Lessons

The children were in a special home because their magic was too powerful for them to control. It was up to the new head of this place to help them learn to control it, before it destroyed them. -- The New Guy

The wards were enough to quell any outflare, including the ones that should have been impossible. Preparing for the unexpected saved lives here. The most important lives. The lives of the children who had an unexpectedly strong link to magical

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