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Challenge #04053-K035: Help Where Possible

Wraithvine was deep in meditation when the humans shook hir roughly awake. Nearly dragging hir before ze could land. "Hurry, hurry, the cave-in was bad! No one's dead, but there's a lot of people badly hurt, we need you, NOW, my lord!" -- Anon Guest

"Not your lord," Wraithvine gently rubbed hir backside as the people dragged hir out and into the caverns. Where four teams of people were overwhelmed by the casualties at hand. This part of the area was stable. Not just propped and shored, but also re-enforced with the most robust D'varuv engineering.

People were bleeding. People were screaming. People were winding bandages, boiling water, brewing balms... it was a sort of chaos.

They needed everyone who had even the slightest mote of healing power. And, in the case of Wraithvine, anyone who could do anything to help. Well. Ze had seen much, learned much, and could do so very much more than the average Wizard that might wander the world.

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