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Challenge #02476-F286: Lawless Lands

A deathworlder and a heavenworlder talk about a City/asteroid/planet, choose the size you want :D

-It's a place with no rules

-You always need rules

-Not this place, it's called "Kowloon" because it's based off a human city that had the same name. It was more dense than any other urban area on the face of terra... and it was ungoverned

-.... and conflicts between them ?

-Human gangs of criminals (triads) were resolving civil conflicts, creating a volunteer fire brigade, and organizing garbage disposal.

-That's not what a criminal organisations normally do

-But there were no rules

(Don't keep that part please it's embarrassing ^^, I love your work and I want to contribute once again

I'm not very good and confident in English since it's a second language so I took some part of the article) -- Hyorky

[AN: I fix what I can of my prompts, but I don't delete huge parts of them. (Though I might delete the entire prompt if it is made of nastiness) Therefore, this one has grammar fixes only. Never be ashamed of having bad English, it's one of the hardest languages to learn. Also Kowloon is an amazing example of what Humanity can do, for each other and for profit.]

"Don't go there," said the stranger, pointing out a particular location on the holographic map. "It's a total Kowloon."

The entire area was already marked in red and silver, and had the warning, Here there be Humans, on it. The people examining the map, concealed in their livesuits, looked at each other and then faced the stranger together. "Kowloon?" one echoed. "What meaning 'Kowloon'."

Their ersatz guide switched to GalSimple. "There being much bad place. No law. No organising. Crime running all things."

"If is no law, how is being crime?"

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