It's A Trap!

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Challenge #01712-D251: The One That Got Away

The sign said "Wet Paint". -- Anon Guest

It said it in English, and it said it whilst affixed to a filthy-looking wall. There was something incredibly suspicious about all of this. Especially since this was apparently a derelict in the middle of nowhere with no alarms, diverse or otherwise.

Some part of Jen was screaming, Honey trap! But it was in stiff competition with the part of her that was so very tempted to see if the sign was telling the truth.

It took real effort to turn away from the sign and scout the rest of the ship. Shiny technology. Resources that were easy to get to, and easily transformed into incredibly useful things. There was even art that could be worth a Year or fifteen. Assuming it was art and not technology. And an especially active nearby magnetosphere that stopped her scanner from working. Something smelled fishy, and it wasn't her own sushi burps.

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Challenge #01574-D113: Not So Nice and Quiet

There was a beach, with a gentle swell and white sand. A beautiful forest glade was behind them, and a gentle creek burbled to the ocean. It looked the most tranquil place in the universe.... -- Anon Guest

"I don't like it," said the Doctor, side-eyeing a stand of picturesque stones.

"Wrong colour?" teased Holly.

"It's peaceful. Just the right temperature. Perfect weather. The right amount of breeze. Even the susurration of the ocean and the forest leaves is at just the

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