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Challenge #03892-J240: A Burning Desire to Repeat

The Archivaas learn of the history of humans banning and burning books and other reading material, and how some DeRegulations STILL do it, to try to hide information from people. -- Lessons

Knowledge is power. People have known this for centuries. Whoever controls the knowledge has the power over those who cannot access all of it. Interestingly, it only takes a few fragments of misinformation to spawn a million conspiracy theories.

Some people will believe anything if it thereby makes them the smartest person in the room.

Thus, recovering and classifying information has always been the goal of the Archivaas. So much has been lost to the erosion of history. And some of it was blown up on purpose. For profit, for politics, for the pursuit of power... the result was always the same. Something was destroyed. Something was lost. Something... was missing. The Aarchivas have been trying to get a lot of it back since their inception as a sort of cult.

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