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Challenge #03027-H104: The Paper Anchor

The book was old, beyond old, really. It had been passed down from parent to child for a millennia. It was, now, so thick and large it was carried in a careful satchel and, due to being so ancient, the oldest of the pages yellowing, only carefully opened with gloves. The newest pages, however, were much fresher and had been added to the book almost weekly over the past hundred years. But now, the owner, dying gracefully of old age, called to the Archivaas. They wished to donate this relic to their care. A diary that had been written in by the members of their family for too many generations to count. From time time the first humans went to colonize the stars. They figured, when they were gone, at least these words would live on with these renown librarians. -- Anon Guest

It was, as the Descriptii called it, a Generation book. It, like Wels, was dying. It had been written in by firstborn after firstborn, passed down to each first child for generations. It had within its pages life from the perspective of the Diarykeepers from the time of landing. It described the breaking of first camp, births, deaths, personal drama, and even weather.

Archivaas Leif almost drooled. Hir gloved fingers twitched just to peek. A single perspective archive of an entire colony... it was priceless. An heirloom, of course. Stupidly, ze said, "Are you sure?"

"I gave my children the choice... and they chose not to add. They're... free..." Wels smiled as they struggled for breath. "My ancestors and I devoted themselves to documenting everything. Everything. It's a miracle we got anything done at all. We had to reserve two hours a day for journaling. Like it was sacred." Wils struggled to smile. "I always found it a pain in the butt."

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Challenge #02873-G316: A Puzzling Sample -- Anon Guest

The Archivaas are primarily Human. One of the few sects of Human obsession that made hoarding work for them. They will, like most Humans, adopt anyone who shares their compulsion. Compulsions are not always healthy, but the Archivaas work hard to make theirs as healthy as possible.

Always be wary of an order capable of re-ordering entire solar systems so they can store their collections. They're very capable of being dangerous if

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Challenge #02223-F033: Treasure (n)

The Archivaas learning about the libraries at Alexandria and Timbuktu -- Anon Guest

They say that if you want to annoy a Human Librarian, you should get them started on the Library of Alexandria. It's one of the more famous instances of knowledge destruction in Human history. It's famous as one of the most devastating hits to human progress in all of their devastating histories of Humankind, right next to the Shattering.

Less well-known is the fact that the Library of Alexandria

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Challenge #01952-E128: Transformative Love

Fan fiction, some of it heartbreakingly brilliant, some of it so badly written you wonder if they ever even saw the original series. But glued to their devices they tap out their allegiance to people or beings who are imaginary. -- Anon Guest

The Archive of Transformative Works is a subset of the Archivaas Conglomerate. Those who strive to preserve everything humanity or intelligent life has created. Even the worst that a barely creative mind has to offer. It is oppressively huge.

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