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Thursday, Messing About

I have Streamlabs. What I don't have is any idea how to tweak it do do what I want. Some educational videos are in order, methinks.

I shall continue with set dressing and fic tagging, but I shall learn how to do ONE thing with Streamlabs today. It may not be a thing I want, but I shall be learning.

Turns out, I can only use one profile in Streamlabs, so maybe learning IF I can use another profile might be the thing to learn. I shall definitely see.

I also aim to sort at least one LP today. I've been getting lax with that.

But first, as always, today's tale.

Sunday, Day 0, Whoops

Plague news: eight new cases. Five imports, three local. Two more according to our PM, and one of each. Forty-six or forty-seven total cases. All presumed to be in hospital.

I have enjoyed Toasty's stream [and I swear I wrote a blog for today back then. Derp :( ], watched Tale Foundry's stream, did my stream, and learned how to raid other streamers. Yay.

Not looking at the news. This is late enough as it is.

On the other hand, I have the rest

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