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Challenge #03507-I219: Making Amends

"When's Papa coming home?"

A young toddler goes to Wraithvine to ask about hir daddy. Wraithvine must now tell the family what happened to the farmer. -- DaniAndShali

Lulanie Tiller stared at the coils of hair on her table, and at the humble Elf who had appeared in her hut. She gave the being small chores to keep them busy until the children were sound asleep.

She made tea, and wound up the hair in ropes, and said, "What happened?"

"I aimed to stop a robbery. I... accidentally ended your..." A sob. A gulp. Genuine regret. "I ended your husband's life. I did not know his circumstances. I have done a great evil whilst attempting to do good. This... is counter to my vows, counter to my honour, and counter to my soul."

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Challenge #02006-E182: He's a Griefer

“How could you?"

“I trusted you and, and you played me!”

“Like the cheap kazoo you are” -- Anon Guest

Some tasks are harder than others. Some efforts are purely emotional. And by the end of this mission to Zangress Four, Arlo was feeling weak as a kitten despite having all her health stats in peak range. The explorer she'd been hired to escort, Thuxx, had managed to make it through all kinds of potential hazards, including being one of those types

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