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Challenge #03978-J326: Fel Fortunes

My fate is to be a demon king. Just like my father, and his father before him. But I don't want to be a king. I am a demon, but I just want to live a peaceful life. Kind wizard, what do I do? Can you help me change my fate? -- Anon Guest

[AN: There is a difference between Actual Demons, who would never say this thing, and Hellkin, who are called demons by the ignorant public]

"The one in Whitekeep changed everything. Pax Infernus allowed my father to announce his truth. And mine. They've had a few years to get used to 'demons' in charge. At least they're not calling us 'teufs'," The young prince sighed, reaching for a charm that was no longer attached to his right horn. "I never wanted to be king. The longer my father sat the throne, the happier I was and then..."

"The plague," said Wraithvine. "It hit the Hellkin hard. You were lucky to escape it."

"I won't ever escape my truth, but I'd rather escape the blame. People have decided that I'm grasping for power. That I somehow made the plague hit while I was in a boarding school on the other side of the continent. With very thin resources, mind."

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Challenge #03758-J105: Step One

Due to the horrors in their past, they spent most of their time inebriated. It wasn't until, in a drunken fit, they took a swing at a member of Pax Humanis, that someone dragged them to a therapist, and get them cleaned up before it was too late. -- Fighting Fit

[AN: No word of a lie, if this happened in the core of the Alliance, there would have been an intervention WAY sooner than that. So this is happening around the

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Challenge #03618-I330: Take Your Ease

They invented a life-saving device that causes them to earn Time almost into the centuries. First thing they do? Buy a planet to make it into a paradise retirement place, with all the latest technologies, and offer it as a free place for all who want to settle down and relax in their old age. -- The New Guy

Whatever happened to the smart aleck who invented the Hungry Caterpillar? The expected tale of corporate takeovers, imitators, and undercutting does not happen

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Challenge #02561-G004: Soft Protection

Cuddly-Pie, Uplift, the name said it all, designed as an accessory/servant. now acts as Companion,Escort, Shield for those humans needing a Buffer and Shield when moving about or interacting with life. The Shield works both ways. -- Anon Guest

Augment -- a non-cogniscent species given cusp-cogniscence at a genetic level before gestation and training after birth in order to be an engineered assistive animal, usually sterile and made for assisting one person.
Uplift -- a non-cogniscent species given post-birth retrogenetic

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