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Tuesday, Patreon Organised!

I'm feeling accomplished this morning. Woke up early and used my time to publish all my Patreon stuff. Which kind of makes up for being overheated and bothered by an innard rebellion.

Besides my insides trying to be outsides, I have all the rest of the day to worldbuild, chamber-build, and maybe write a few things besides.

...and watch CritRole. Because of course watch CritRole.

Still attempting to be kind to myself. Kind of need to write a few things about my mental state or things that happen about being me.

Those are a bit rough, though. I'm already annoyed by internal malfunction. I don't need to write the rough stuff when I'm prepared to be angry at the world.

Onwards to storytime.

Early Start

So I went to sleep early because I must have worn my brain out, yesterday. After all, I did all the Patreon stuff, the Instant Story, my Wordpress Wednesday, and the five hundred words. I had just enough juice to watch some Critical Role and write a few lines of fanfic before I just wore out.

As a direct result, I had enough sleep at 2:30 AM. Fun. After half an hour of convincing myself to actually get up (COLD!) I

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Two problems, one solution

I’m moderately proud of myself, this morrow [7th April] as I found two problems with one solution.

Since we had the jungle lawn slashed down to lawnlike levels, we’ve had a LOT of grass lying around in clumps. Including clumps near the fence, which threatens the wood palings.

We also have a lot of pit traps where Hound decided to imitate Simon from the Yogscast and diggy diggy hole.

So early in the morning, before the sun decided

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