Sunday, Game Night

I am sinking into Minecraft again, and I know exactly why. It's what I do when I have nothing I can do. It helps me feel like I'm getting something done.

Capt. S is on morphine, and doesn't have long. Beloved's going to be with her today, and I can't do anything.

Beloved is going through one of the worst experiences to survive, and I can NOT help.

So I fart around in Minecraft. Because it's something that I can do.

I shall make myself either do a chamber or do a void, today. I shall try to do a summary of five chapters. Something that I can do.

Everything's too expensive and we need more income, so I need to firkin SELL something. The more progress that I make towards that goal, the better.

I can't even afford any advertising -_-

All the more motivation to avoid publishers with reader's fees.

I shall be liveblogging my endeavours. Stay tuned.